Sunday, March 17, 2013

like crazy

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Hello sunshines, i watched this movie for the 5th time and i feel like making a post about it. I'm not fond of watching romantic films. I enjoy them, but i prefer realism or good surrealism in Arts. This movie, is a story of a long distance love. Watch it, if you want a heartache.

It's so hard to be in a long distance relationship that in my opinion if you make it work, it must be included in your CV. As an achievement.
Lovers shouldn't be apart.


  1. i haven't seen this movie, but it looks like great movie !!!! i need to watch this <3

  2. thanks for sharing! i've been looking for a good, real, love-story movie... looks like i'll have to check this one out! xx

  3. this movie broke my heart. and the worst part is, we don't know if that was a happy ending or not for sure. -.-

    1. oh yessss! the saddest part is how much they've changed because of the distance! :'(
      i like that you like it, high 5 haha <3