Friday, February 8, 2013

that's the whole and that's the part of it.

death and the maiden- Egon Schiele, 1915.

These photos were taken inside Belvedere, in Wien, which i think is not very legal as i was asked several times, not to take any photos and to hide my camera (in german which makes it even -more- scarier, ha). Anyway i like living my life on the edge (ha) and everytime a guardian was looking at his/her watch or was giving some instructions, i took some pictures like these ones. Of course, when it comes to the famous painting 'the kiss', there were so many people watching us, that i didn't even think to take out my camera. Anyway, i can't understand why it's not ok to take pictures inside of some museums, i mean what's a better promotion than a single picture? For instance, "the kiss" that Klimt created, is the most beautiful painting i have ever seen in my whole life and it has that kind of beauty that a photo can not capture. So, i don't think seeing a picture of a masterpiece before, will prevent someone from going and seeing the original canvas. The photo can only remind you that some people were born to be great. So, please, let us capture the greatness (with no flash of course). xoxo

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