Thursday, January 24, 2013


photo taken in Lille, France.

At night, when i see a house with its lights on i imagine what people do to pass their time in there. Especially when it's really late and i can't sleep, i'm wondering and then guessing how many people on earth share the same insomnia problems with me. I'm not sure if i really like people in general but i'm sure that i like the idea or the sense that there are people out there. Asleep or awake. Even if i don't like them, even if i will never meet them. Humanity warms me up and makes me sleep, eventually.

please listen
"leave her windows uncovered at night
and fill her with the city lights
as they illuminate the sky
it reminds her of the people outside
'cause she won't sleep unless she heals her loneliness"- Ane Brun, words


  1. I think the whole idea of sleep is rather bizarre tbh

  2. Great words. I'm not much for people either but I do appreciate their existence. Good luck with your insomnia.


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