Friday, January 18, 2013

fingers are crossed, just in case..

I just came across a hipster sketch which was suggesting 20 things to start to doing. So to make a long story short,  number 19 was "remember all the effort you are making now will pay off in the end" and i'm not trying to be negative or cynic or anything like that, but come on. I mean if people were taking back exactly what they were giving, everybody would be happy and satisfied. We would live in utopia, bad things would only happen to bad people and since i am alive, only unfairness is fair enough. And i just want to express my disbelief in paulo coelho, my disbelief in universe,my disbelief in motivation, my disbelief in possibilities. It's all about luck, so "remember all the effort you are making now, will pay off in the end, if you are lucky enough". Truth be told. xoxo

Hello, i love David Bowie, and this is not an angry post even if it sounds angry. Tomorrow i'll be positive again.

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